Working smoke detectors save lives, period.

There are many brands of smoke detectors and two main types.  However, it is suggested that you either have dual sensor alarms or both of the major classes (ionization and photoelectric) alarms.

What do I do with the batteries....

  • Replace the 'regular' 9 volt batteries each year
  • You don't have to replace the lithium battery
  • Most newer smoke detectors are 'hard wired' into the homes electrical system. You still need to maintain the batter per the manufacturer's instructions.
  • You should replace the entire smoke detector every 8-10 years per the manufacturer's recommendations.

Every level of the home needs a smoke detector and inside and outside of sleeping areas and where ever your local code states you should install them.

Test your smoke alarms monthly.


Please see the publication by U.S. Fire Administration/FEMA on smoke detectors for further information.